About us

Our mission here at Provimi is to work together with feed manufacturers and distributors, both in France and internationally, to create innovative nutritional programmes for the agricultural sector.

We regularly make investments in research and development and in quality monitoring in order to offer our customers innovative and competitive solutions.


Social expectations for safer and healthier nutrition is what drives us to develop product and service solutions that respond to the needs of the sector while respecting animal welfare.

We commit to offering innovative solutions and making a significant and effective difference for our customers   in an aim to keep our farms sustainable well into the future.


To respond to these challenges, Provimi has implemented a simple organisation to bring the sector:

  • Improved performance and competitiveness
  • Increased specialisation for more precise solutions
  • Greater innovation by freeing up additional resources for research and development

This vision and organisation is built around the group’s employees and their dedication to customer service. They are the key to our success.

Innovation is part of our DNA

At Provimi, we have put innovation at the heart of our development strategy by concentrating on growing nutritional expertise that respects the environment and animal welfare and that contributes to feed safety. We benefit from the full expertise of the Cargill group’s R&D with:

At a global level


R&D technicians and specialists


research centres


technology application centres

Global research approved at a local level

Both in France and abroad, the R&D process starts with a global analysis that takes into account a wide range of topics, including:

  • Animal welfare and sustainable development
  • Demedication
  • Digital nutrition
  • Mycotoxins
  • Heat stress

The research and innovation centres define the best nutritional strategies for farmers to adopt or the most efficient rearing practices. The Group’s innovations are then approved at a local level by our applied research centres.

Field tests for each species


For poultry, Provimi relies on the application centre in Cugand (in the Vendée department of France) which has two buildings equipped with modular pens for test monitoring.



For ruminants, Provimi works with several conventional farms to test, and ultimately approve, the solutions developed for this species.



For pigs, we work closely with public organisations or farms in partnership with our customers to prove the effectiveness of our solutions.


Our activities

Provimi, a reliable partner

Today, over 10 million tons of feed around the world are made with Provimi premixes. The Group is also a leader in the bovine minerals market. At a global level, over 60 million tons of feed for ruminants, pigs and poultry are made using Provimi techniques. This is the result of a constant proximity, responsiveness to customers and a willingness to support them in their development.

Supporting feed manufacturers and distributors

Provimi supports feed manufacturers with extensive expertise and know-how that has been recognised for many years. We combine premixes (premixes, adjuvants, speciality feeds...) and piglet feed manufacturing with nutritional advice. Provimi’s aim is be “a reliable partner and innovative leader in the sector” and we hope to get there thanks to the expertise of our technical and commercial teams and the significant investments made in R&D.

When it comes to the development and distribution of products for ruminants, Provimi currently holds an important position in the nutritional speciality feed market and we have reinforced our position as a major player in the minerals market. Our recent innovations are also part of this strategy.